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People oriented, the pursuit of aging, to ensure quality

Development to promote change, change in the development of

Master science and technology, innovation as the source

Volunteers Dalin long, quality win the world

Customer is standard:

Dalin put the customer's standards, requirements as the group's eternal pursuit of the goal, the customer's standard is the group's quality standards.

Innovation is the way:

Innovation is the soul of Dalin, is the power and source of Dalin's reconstruction and revitalization, upgrading and development, is the survival of the Dalin group, the development of the road, the road of glory

Credibility is guaranteed:

Reflect the large forest professional ethics and corporate image, credibility is the Dalin's founding, is to participate and win the advantage of competition in both domestic and foreign markets and the fundamental guarantee

Our commitment:

The current needs of customers and the potential demand, is the quality standard of our group. Only to meet customer standards, it is possible to obtain a domestic and international development of the market pass.

Quality is life:

Dalin as the quality of the group's life, depending on the quality of the work of the group's eternal theme. Dalin is the quality of the survival and development of the root, quality to win the market is, and the guiding ideology of Dalin quality activities.